A Nikon Professional By inSpire with Ronald Pollard

Photo: Ronald Pollard
Several years ago Ronald Pollard received some much deserved recognition for his extraordinary ability to capture photographic images. Truly, Ronald has been gifted by God to use his photographic skills to bless others. We asked Ronald to tell us more about his new Nikon designation.

inSpire - Ron, you have honed your photography skills over the years and have been using it to bless many lives, not only with your nature photos but with wedding portraits and other people-oriented portraiture as well. The Lord has blessed and your worked has been recognized far and wide. Recently the Nikon Corporation invited you to join a very exclusive club that only a few photographers can be part of. Tell us about this, and what it means.

Pollard - Yes Rich, God has been blessing our photography work for sure. Recently I was accepted as a Nikon Professional. Indeed it is true that relatively speaking there are few of us out there. This new status means a recognition from Nikon Corporation that allows me to now post there approval on any and all work of mine! It means that the repair status I now have takes primary place in line. In other words, my gear gets repaired a lot faster than normal. It means that I am eligible to have loaner gear until mine is repaired free of charge. It means that at any conventions, events etc. I can go to the Nikon Service center and get service done to all equipment. Lenses can be adjusted, sensors cleaned, and firmware updated. It also means that any work I now submit can be published in Nikon World Magazine and it even means that I can be a beta tester for new gear soon to be released.

inSpire - That's really sweet! Very nice. OK Ron. What's your secret? Every excellent cook has a secret for how to make their cooking stand out! Why did Nikon like your photos? What do you attribute their recognition to?

Pollard - My Secret Rich is to look at and be inspired by the greats in the photography world!! Look at their results and be inspired by how they create an image that extends beyond their present time!! As a result I try to make every shot worthy of mounting on a wall!

I believe Nikon liked my work because they could see the "in-camera" work, the photo journalistic dimension of my work, and the versatility of my work. My work reflects various genres, I hope, all well done..

I attribute their recognition to the support of other photographers who appreciate my particular approach to image capture!

inSpire - We are happy for the recognition that you are getting and are honored to have you as a member of the Adventist faith community. Keep using your gifts to enrich people's lives and to accentuate God's awesome power.

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