Journey into Poetry By Vanessa Sanders

Vanessa and daughter
I have been writing poetry since I was about 10 years old. In my 5th grade class, I remember the teacher asking us to write about what we thought our world would be like in 10 years (year 2000). At my young age, I thought 10 years was so far in the future, I saw an apocalyptic-type future. I realized the rain forests were being cut down and the air was becoming more polluted. I started writing and ended up painting a dismal picture of what I thought was the earth in 10 years. The result was a rhyming, but inspiring, poem. Then I realized that I could write poetry, and that I enjoyed it.

I wrote poems in my journal from then on--usually an outpour of my intense, adolescent emotions and thoughts. When I was 14 I submitted a poem about the journey to heaven to a Christian teen magazine's poetry contest. My poem won first place in its age category, and that encouraged me.

Then in college, I took a creative writing workshop class. It was there that I learned about how to craft a poem in the contemporary style and about what the readership likes. During that workshop, I grew immensely as a poet and thank my professor for that. Out of the workshop of about 20 students, 3 were chosen by the faculty to read their poems to open for a poetry reading presented by Walt McDonald, then Poet Laureate of Texas. I was one of those students and was honored to read a poem there about my late mother. Since then, I have kept writing, received first place for Southern Adventist University's Southern Legacy poetry contest one year, and I hope someday to have a collection published.

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