Mother's Prayer By Vanessa Sanders

Vanessa and daughter
Vanessa Sanders loves poetry and has been writing it since childhood. Here's a poem she wrote about her daughter.

Bright eyes
Wide smile
Bells of laughter
fill the air
All play
all day.
Dolls and bears
Princess crowns
Dress-up dresses
Pink, fluffy gowns
Crayon murals
on walls surround.
Loud cries
Intense tears
Wants her mommy
Wears her fears.
Soft skin
Tiny frame
Tender heart
And so I pray:
For God to keep her
all her days
'cause I know she'll face this world.
For her inner child
to be preserved
and she'll stay a happy girl.
That when I can't be there
like I am now,
she will let God hold her.
That her strength will stand
during loss and despair
and no darkness overcome her.
So God bless this child
'cause this world taints
May I raise her to know truth.
Keep her strong,
keep her wise,
and keep her near to You.

Vanessa Sanders writes from Texas All rights reserved © 2013 Click here for content usage information.