Majestic By Michelle Moffett

Photo: Michelle Moffett
Went out at dawn and slipped into a dream
The sky a majestic blue, like Cinderella's dress
Millions of white puffy clouds like cotton balls filled the sky
The world was silent; not one bird, car, or sound
I took notice of the beauty that the Lord had made
And thanked Him for it
I spun around in circles like a child would
while looking up at the clouds, it was euphoric
I looked further beyond the eucalyptus tree
And saw a breathtaking moon with shining halo
The crescent shaped moon, lying down, still asleep
Blue sky radiating inside the halo of the moon
I stared at the clouds with wonder
Beautiful painted sky to witness and enjoy
This was the Sabbath in its splendor
The Lord was whispering for me to keep it
I had forgotten briefly
The bright sun now peaking through
The day's heat already taking effect
I went inside to reflect
The Lord reminded me of His Holy Day
I had strayed from His path
But He showed me the way back home!

Michelle Moffett writes from El Cajon, California. All rights reserved © 2014 Click here for content usage information.