My Prayer By Chelsea Bond

Photo: Chelsea Bond
Now I lay me down to sleep;
I pray that, Lord, my soul You’ll keep.
You know that I have much to do,
But I believe You’ll help me through.
Remind me with the morning light
That You are with me through each fight.
Help my faith to never fail
As I through troubled waters sail.
Hold my heart within Your hands,
And let me not fear life’s demands.
Be my Prince, my one true Love,
So all my worth comes from above.
Let me not forget my hope
In You, while with life’s pain I cope.
Your blessings I do not deserve.
I praise you, Lord, without reserve.
Keep me in Your word immersed,
And teach me to put others first.
Help me seek You first each day,
And guard my thoughts so they won’t stray.
Be near my friends and hear their prayers,
And show them You’re the one who cares.
Help them see You in their life.
I know they feel sin’s pain and strife.
I want to answer each small knock,
From You, my Lord and Solid Rock.
This is my prayer as I now rest;
Answer it as You see best.

 Chelsea Bond writes from eastern Washington. All rights reserved © 2014 Click here for content usage information.