Surrendered Heart By Sherry Pratt

Photo: Sherry Pratt
Disgusting and painful, this bitterness takes hold of my human heart.
Writhing I call out to You. Bind it up and bury it deep. I long for its release!

You lovingly ask for my human heart. I writhe in pain again.
It’s exceedingly difficult to release this deadly grip.
So I stubbornly refuse.

Nearing death, I examine your heart. It reveals a way to let go.
I survey the task, that was given to you, regarding your success.

It seems straightforward, when spoken, but I wrestle with the thought.
“Give it up in faith”, You say, I wince, but glimpse the way.

With power you direct my path. I opt to follow love.
And now there’s peace and a happy heart transformed to be like Yours.

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