Lonely in a Crowd By Sherry Pratt

Photo: Sherry Pratt
Lonely in a crowd
Hiding truth behind my happy face.
Sharing and giving, longing and hurting,
All bound up in a heart of confession.

Lonely in a crowd,
Waiting for that moment,
Sharing and giving, as you told me I should,
All bound up in a heart of confession.

If everyone knew the things I have done,
Would the pain and shame disappear?
Would there be a caring touch with
Thoughtful compassion whispered in my ear?

My heart is bursting, longing for love
I found You listening. I found You knew.
You were lonely in a crowd once too.

Your love swells as it pierces my heart
It reaches the depths of my soul.
I’m covered, accepted and loved beyond measure,
Releasing the pain, Your goal.

You shared in that pain, so long ago.
We turned a cold shoulder, igniting burning tears
When will they be dried?

You shared Your love, your longing heart.
You shed Your blood and now my longing,
lonely heart sings freedom’s song
I requite your love, dry Your tears.

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