The Door By Beatriz Mejia-Krumbein

Beatriz Mejia-Krumbein
THE DOOR – Interactive Installation by Beatriz Mejia-Krumbein, 2000
The door is a metaphor of the home that is left behind, and that never will be the same. Also it represents a symbol of new opportunities, and a future of hope. Masses of people are displaced from their homes. They leave their families behind, but they carry with them their deep cultural roots as the most important part of their luggage.
The broken faces in the installation represent the fragmentation of a humanity forced to search for new horizons. Their only way to survive requires communities willing to actively interact in their healing process. This is an interactive installation, and call for the audience’s participation to reconstruct the fragmented faces, restore them, or create new identities as a metaphor of the new opportunities, and new acquired identities by the interaction with the new surroundings.
Broken in pieces…Displaced
From the known…
Family and home.
Mountains, valleys
Friends, paths and rules.
Pieces of color
Looking with horror
We became.
Broken inside,
Retaining the outside,
Do you know what to say?
Love, fear, hate, Anger,
The whole day.
Fear? What's the next?
What do I hear?
I wish…I could fly far away…
And in pieces find my rest.
A lot of stress!
A hand…Hold me,
Races, ages and faith,
Fear…Anger and hate.
Scream…Hope and love,
Acceptance and tolerance
Are to embrace.
Loud to the world
And as humans In diversity
Live in peace.

Poem by Beatriz Mejia-Krumbein. 2000 Copyright. Click here for content usage information.