He Came By Logan Short

Photo: Logan Short
He came knowing what was to come,
Crying out to the Lord, “where are you father?
I love you dearly but the pain I fear,
Where are you Lord?, this pain I cannot bear.
The weight of the sin on my shoulders
Heavier, oh heavier than the strongest boulders.
Take me down from this pain –
From this people who use your name in vain
Just because I am your son, just because I am the one.
People bring on this pain.
This pain, oh pain I feel in my veins,
Oh this pain this pain I cannot bear.
And the people who are killing me do not care.
Please take me in, these are my last words.
Please save me Father, this prayer I know you’ve heard.

 Logan Short writes from Pennsylvania. All rights reserved © 2014 VisitInSpire.org. Click here for content usage information.