Teach Me to Forgive By Katherine Dordevic

Photo: Katherine Dordevic
Please God teach me to forgive like my Master

Let me not look upon church members or even the pastor

Allow forgiveness of others to come easily to me

Permit grudges from the past to flee

I desire the sweet spirit of my Lord

Rather than employ words that cut like a sword

Help me overlook humans weak and frail

Let your spirit of forgiveness always prevail

Teach me to be meek and mild

And have the quick forgiveness of a small child

Enable me to disregard the mistakes of others

We all on this Earth are sisters and brothers

Let me not with my self-righteousness be puffed up

But remember Christ when in Gethsemane He drank from the bitter cup

While on the Cross He forgave sinful humanity

Demonstrating the true essence of Christianity

Katherine Dordevic writes from Cameron Park, California. Copyright August 2008. All rights reserved © 2014 VisitInSpire.org. Click here for content usage information.