The City of Gold By Katherine Dordevic

Photo: Katherine Dordevic

The City of Gold is a blessed place

The New Jerusalem built by God’s own grace

There no one will ever grow old

But live in an eternal family fold

There will be no sick or lame

They will not crave earthly riches or fame

They will dwell in the midst of the Great Physician

The City of Gold will have no funeral home or mortician

There will be no worry how to make ends meet

But will gladly worship at Jesus’ nail scarred feet

The City of Gold will not be tainted with stain or grime

There shall be no criminal nor crime

There will be no police or jail

Nor hospital for those who are dying and ail

Their Guardian Angels will commune with them

They will abide in the presence of the great I AM

Melodious songs with Heavenly Beings they’ll sing

All for the glory of the Heavenly King

The City of Gold is a special place

Of sin there will be no trace

Again they’ll see their cherished pet

There will be no more worry and fret

The Saved will enjoy everlasting health

No one will need hoarded wealth

The Lord will be their sacred Light

The City of Gold will have no blight

The Redeemed will lodge in the presence of the Word

No cry or sigh will ever be heard

The Saved in the City will always rejoice

Glad they made Jesus’ sacrifice as their choice

Katherine Dordevic writes from Cameron Park, California © Copyright 2008. All rights reserved © 2014 Click here for content usage information.