I Wish I were By Diane Childs Frazier

Diane Childs Frazier
I WISH I WERE a King, stately and strong
To rule and have loyal subjects--forever is not too long

I WISH I WERE a Pilot, I'd soar around the world
I'd set my plane on cruse control and in my seat I'd curl

I WISH I WERE a Chef, I'd cook the finest meals
Potatoes, carrots, peas and tomatoes delicately stewed

I WISH I WERE a Nurse, with all the care and concern

My patients would love me so, is more than I could earn

I WISH I WERE a Musician, I'd write the sweetest songs

Then I would sing to anyone in singles and in throngs

I WISH I WERE a Preacher, to tell the world about Him

The One who died---and will return...all of this for them

But I am who I am, and that is what matters the most

I WISH I WERE is what I am, and that deserves a toast.

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