Natasha Groschel By InSpire with Natasha Groschel

Natasha Groshel is an artist and songwriter who desires to use your her creative abilities to extend hope and healing wherever she goes.

inSpire - Natasha, please tell us about your painting below and about your creative process in general--how you go about creating your art?

Groschel - This is a painting I did as a gift for my mother-in-law earlier this year (January 2012). My husband calls it Reflection so I guess we'll go with that as a title for the piece.

It is acrylic on canvas. I mostly work with acrylic on canvas as my media of choice, although I do enjoy sketching with pencil, charcoal or pastels as well. I find creating art so therapeutic and relaxing. Most of the pieces I create are for the purpose of giving away as gifts. So I get the pleasure of making it and giving it away in the hope of brightening someone else's day (or wall). 

Reflection, Natash © Groschel 2012
I did GCSE and A'level art when I was in school. I know that doesn't mean much here in the US, but in England it basically means that it was a subject I chose to specialize in. It can be hard to find the time now with 2 young kids, work and music. But I do love to do it and want to start attending art classes again some time in the near future and get back into painting and drawing regularly and sharing my art with others.

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