From An Early Age By inSpire with Ron Nelson

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We asked Ron Nelson about his songwriting efforts and the impact that music has made on his life.

inSpire - Ron, you are a busy guy and have a lot of responsibilities with your work as President of the Manitoba/Sasketchewan Conference. Somehow you find time to practice your guitar and have developed quite a passion for that. Lets wind back a number of years to your younger days. When did you start playing the guitar and how did this interest evolve?

Nelson - Music has always been a rich part of our family heritage. My Dad played button accordion and sang and myself and my brothers used to love to "jump" in and bang pots, or whatever, just to enjoy those special times with Dad. I picked up the acoustic when I was 14, but really got serious in my early 20's. My brother Rick was a professional musician and my Brother Chuck had a music store. I trained in retail management and eventually started a music store in Kamloops B.C. called Keen Kraft Music. It was there that the musicians took me under their "wings" and I really got hooked on playing guitar.

inSpire - You not only play guitar, but you also write songs and have developed quite a list of songs that are uniquely yours. Tell us about your songwriting--do you have to be in a certain mood to be able to do it? Also, do you write the lyrics first, or the music?

Nelson - I never wrote songs before I was baptized, so it is something that just arises out of my devotional life and ministry with and for Christ. I don't try to write music, but as I explore and develop musical themes acoustically, the natural pathos of the music begins to speak and eventually I feel the inspiration to pen words that reflect the mood and message of the music itself. I have to say that it is a spiritual experience for me because when the time is right, I pen the lyrics in one sitting, usually within 20 minutes or so.

inSpire - You have produced several CDs. It might be helpful for those who are just getting with writing and producing their own music to know how you have recorded your songs and made them ready for duplication. Do you do your recording at home, or do you go to a studio?

Nelson - I have done both.My brother had a professional studio in Calgary and pointed me in the right direction in terms of production. My last CD was recorded in my home studio on Logic Audio. I tend to lay the rhythm tracks down in one setting and then build the vocals, and musical accompaniment etc from that platform. It's like "painting" sonically. I really enjoy the studio!

inSpire - Do you have any words of advice for some one who may want to start their own music ministry?

Nelson - I would encourage them to commit themselves to excellence and to stay true to their spiritual sense of calling. It is the Lord who must inspire the music and it is His blessing that advances His kingdom through His ministry in and through us. If you bathe yourself in prayer and follow up on the opportunities and avenues presented, you will find a blessing as the Lord Himself will assume responsibility for your successes and "failures". I would pray that the church would be strengthened and that the Lord be Honoured as He fulfills His will in each of us.

inSpire - Thanks for sharing your story and for all you do to brighten our lives with music!

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