Music Specialist By David Veglahn

Photo: David Veglahn
I am a singer/songwriter/ guitarist who has been singing in the Inland Empire (of southern California) since trained as a boy soprano. I have sung in nearly every Adventist church in Southeastern California Confernece (SECC)--approximately 600 special music performances and occasional concerts. I have written over 160 songs, more than 70 of which would be considered contemporary Christian, although I sing spirituals and "classical" music too. I have recorded three albums--two for the local Adventist Book Centers, and one with limited national distribution. As an academy teacher I started doing "classical rap" in the classroom 22 years ago--undoubtedly the first high school English teacher in the nation to rap the story lines of classic works of literature in verses with thematic material in the refrains. NPR recognized me with a radio interview in 1991.

Ever since my dad trained me to be classical soloist at age seven, I have felt a kind of responsibility to use my talents for God. In spite of various thorns in the flesh--ranging from asthma to introversion--I sense that the Holy Spirit works through me when I have an audience. My vocation is teaching, but my avocation has always been music. Ever since I was a child, I have heard melodies in my mind and knew I could write songs. My work is heartfelt, prayerful and sometimes personal but most importantly presents what I believe is a theologically correct message in a contemporary format.

As a child I ministered to adults, as a young adult I ministered mostly to teenagers, and for many years now have been able to do both. I have discovered that singing can help bring a young person to Christ and can comfort an aging adult. There is nothing quite like the experience of young people accepting a call to be baptized during a concert program, and it is ineffably rewarding to have an older person say that my song eased the burden of a divorce.

I am grateful that I have been able to minister to teens regularly in a school setting for thirty-five years and that I still get to be a "special music specialist" for worship services throughout the Southeastern California Conference.

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