University By David Arrah Dean

In the beginning
God created
Light, Sound, Space, and Energy, Laws, Time, Matter and Gravity
Worlds, Orbs, Nebulae, Galaxies, Life, Creatures, Beings, Humanity
All that is seen and known universally
But did you know God founded the first University?

He stretched out the sky and the heavens scientifically
Measured the waters and dust, experimentally
Weighed mountains and land forming geography
Structured all the earth's elements classifying geology

He shaped the landscape in the area of geometry
Cultured life from the soil which yielded botany
He quantified organisms in their class of biology
In the laboratory of nature He examines ecology

From nothing He made substance, and designed the table for Chemistry
Categorized wildlife into kinds originating zoology
Positioned lights in the upper regions and called it astronomy
He engineered orbits and star paths inventing technology

And then He made Adam of atoms and chiseled out his anatomy
Organized all his functions with a unique physiology
Puffed existence into man, the genesis of ontology
And with scholarly genius patented anthropology

Man's thinking mind can research psychology
Man's desire for learning can explore philosophy
Man's need for interaction validates sociology
And his inquiry into divinity gives emergence to Theology

Some may conjecture and theorize with futility
They purpose to disprove, remove, and exclude God academically
But these Masters and Doctors haven't the slightest degree
I accredit them with the most intelligent form of idiocy

I conclude, that there's a Universal School where tuition is free
Where the Spirit is counselor and Angels are faculty
Where there is infinite knowledge for one to receive
Where there is no limit to what one can achieve
Where the brain is opened to every branch of study
Where the goal is to build character and not to make money
Where the life is transformed through true higher learning

So you can sift through the evidence and you l clearly see
That it was God who founded the first University

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David A. Dean writes from central California. All rights reserved © 2012 Click here for content usage information.