Nature Surreal By David Arrah Dean

Your beauty is seen in the majesty of the mountains,
Your power in their sturdy foundation
Your grace in way they overlook the valley,
Your omnipresence in the way they dip and slope
Your realness in the vibrancy of the green that decors the pastures below
Your love in the way the creations of your hands take refuge in the rocks
Your regalness in the way the sagebrush coronate the tops
Your holiness in the way the shadows kneel at the approaching dusk
Your breathtaking awesomeness as one stands on the Cliff
I'll treasure this picture as long as I live

Your perfection is captured in the forest's display,
Your carefulness in the crafting of the leaves
Your tenderness in the soft and pleasant feel of the earth
Your goodness in the purpose of natural design
Your forgiveness in the timely sending of rain
Your splendor in the vast expanse that exhales new life
Your dedication is intricately woven into the spider's spin
Your worthiness in a blanket of freshly laid snow
Your sun's brightness lightens the land
I'll hold this vision in the palm of my hand

Your mercy is witnessed in the calm of the ocean
Your touch by the way the lip of the sea kisses the shore
Your meekness in the gentle lap of the surf,
Your will in the moon s tidal pull
Your boldness in the forceful swelling of the waves,
Your wrath in the fierce and driving storm
Your depth in the unsearchable watery chambers
Your coolness in the liquid sound, the colors black and blue
Your mysteries are whispered by the voice in breeze
This scene is eternally precious to me

The Sabbath speaks your glory
And the time is fixed
I get lost in the surreal
In your nature's matrix

Above the earth there's a place
Where your praise is played
Jesus I glory in the works
Which your hands have made

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David A. Dean writes from central California. All rights reserved © 2012 Click here for content usage information.