Ed Guthero with Nathan Greene By Ed Guthero with Nathan Greene

Photo: Nathan Greene
Ed Guthero, accomplished artist / illustrator, and Associate Professor of Graphic Design at Southern Adventist Univeristy, recently conducted an extensive interview with his collegeue and friend, Nathan Greene. Anyone interested in pursuing illustration and fine art as a career should find this very helpful.

As stated on Greene's website:

"Nathan Greene is a contemporary painter whose artistic heritage is grounded in the honored tradition of a golden era in American illustration."

"Greene is only in his forties, but his tie to the spirit of the great illustrator/painters of the 1940s like Harry Anderson, Hayden Sundbloom (noted for his classic Santa paintings for Coca Cola), and Tom Lovell is a tangible one. Nathan knew the elderly Anderson personally and looked to the legendary artist for inspiration and creative insight."

Interview with Nathan Greene

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