Homeless Wagon
 Photo: Studiomill
Sometimes art serves a functional purpose that makes it utilitarian, like this portable house for the homeless by Sarah Cloutier (a senior art major at Pacific Northwest College of Art in Portland, Oregon).

"It’s a small, trundling structure on four wheels, with roughly a four-foot by eight-foot footprint. The rounded roof is made of recycled PVC (waterproof and mildew resistant), and the whole has the appearance of a miniature gypsy caravan. Canvas panniers on the roof will collect rainwater and debris, and Cloutier hopes that the entire roof will eventually be covered by moss and ferns. Its walls are mint green and decorated with gentle, free form painted vines and leaves. When it was parked along NW Johnson earlier this spring for Cloutier’s mid-term evaluation, it small size was obvious: it could have fit easily in the bed of the pickup across the street."

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