Songwriting for God By Michael Temple

Photo: Michael Temple
His eyes filled up with tears as he listened to “The Road That Leads Back Home,” a song that I had penned years ago. I had traveled with a good friend to his cabin in Canada, and he had asked me to sing a song that I written, for a neighbor who had stopped by for a visit to his camp. His friend, a retired airline pilot, had just extinguished a cigarette and had made his way from his seaplane at the dock, to the kitchen inside the tiny cabin where we were staying.

After some small talk, my friend asked his neighbor if he’d like to hear a song that I’d written. The retired pilot answered to the affirmative, and I retrieved my guitar from its case on top of the bunk. I breathed a prayer as I began to play the song about the Prodigal Son who had left home, and was now making his way back. When I looked up, the old neighbor’s eyes were full of tears. I tried not to stare, but was overcome with the thought that God has so many people He’s trying to reach; and often He reaches out to them through music.

In times past, before I came into a relationship with Christ, my songwriting was nothing more than a means of self-expression; a way to get paid at the end of the night when I was playing in the clubs. Now, song-writing has become an act of worship to a Holy God Who saved me from myself.

God uses music in ways that I’m not sure I totally understand; but I am convinced that He uses it nonetheless. Writing a song is no different in my mind than penning a potent sermon. If God is empowering a songwriter through His Holy Spirit, the resulting work can have a powerful impact. 

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