Listen By Nico Hill

Nico calls his poetry "Spoken Word." This kind of poetry lends itself well to public recitation, almost like one would sing a song. It is frank, transparent and direct.
When we all walk down our own hometown

Streets at night

Should I feel any shame for I already know I am

The one?

That must stay this time

And put on the look that will only come when you

Feel all your hope is gone

No matter how hard I try only you dear Lord know the reasons why

All of my dreams have been slowly denied

How does one prepare to share the eyes of a

Cold and hungry stare?

Are those the windows of everyone’s soul that

Speaks of the future?

And the confusion and the frustration that is


It does not matter who we are or the stories we


Is the ending always going to be the same when

Those city blocks

And old sidewalks begin calling your name

And is it a live and let live world that we are in is

That all we have left here in common

If so then why do some still risk everything and

Everyone to get to the top?

Will we ever come to understand on that path of

destruction the end of man?

May be the final stop

So I have been asking for your answer

One right now I know we all need

And we find peace of mind somehow bring our

hope back alive while trying to survive

Is there anything left here to believe in

And how would someone as perfect as you listen to

Someone like me

Or is it not all of our children still left alone an those corners

Far too young what did they do wrong will they

Ever belong

Different faces from different places and after all

Of these years

Do we still shed the same unheard tears?

When we finally honor out brave and we thank them

For the sacrifices protecting us that they made

Much too soon will we not visit another heroes


Dear Lord tell me what progress have we really


For are we not more than willing to pay the prices

But at what cost

If someone ever dares to drop that bomb

And everyone is now gone

And if so dear lord which side won and which

Side lost?

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