Unique Music Stand If you want to add some functional beauty to your platform at church or your living room at home, consider adding this uniquely hand-crafted product. Ted Wick, retired Adventist administrator, makes beautiful music stands that are truly works of art. Premium woods are used and the various parts of the stand are mechanical so it can be folded up. Wick does this as a hobby and has this to say about his creations:

"A bit of redundancy, but to show the different details: The clamp at top adjusts tilt and height in one operation. The cam clamp at the legs allows the legs to swing free and re-clamp either to stand against a wall flat or if tilted back up over the upright becomes a carrying handle such as when you want to put it in the trunk of a car, etc. Intended more as a piece of furniture than a portable stand, however."

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"I used polycarbonate for the desk at the behest of musicians who like to write on their music, to make prompts, notes, etc. so replaced wood strips with the clear poly. Actually I think it improved the look giving it a less top heavy appearance. The only glue used is to fasten the crest in place, otherwise all the joints are "mechanical". More than you wanted to know I am sure."

"I ask a base of $200 per stand. Fancy woods add to that base price. Of course shipping would be in addition to that number. I have a Bolivian Rosewood one for which I need $300-just to give you an idea. Takes about 15 hours of labor and $50 in materials or more if the wood is an expensive variety. I make about $10 per hour. People still seem to hesitate at the price."

"The stores showing them add about 30% to my price."

"Those who have purchased seem to be very happy with the product so that is encouraging."

--Ted Wick

You may contact Ted at: tedwick@verizon.net

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