The Story Behind My Song By Trina Feliciano

I wrote the first part of "Closer" (first verse and chorus) because of a struggle I was going through. I could not finish it, and had to lay it aside for several months. Then one night I had a dream that a friend of mine had died and I was comforting his widow. I drove to their home the next day and was greatly relieved when the man opened the door. When I asked where his wife was, he told me she'd passed away 6 weeks ago. 

He shared with me such deep grief. They'd been married almost 50 years. Now he was completely alone and asking God, "Why?" while still affirming that He knew God must have a plan. It was the night after my visit with him, that I used some of his sentiments for the second verse and bridge when inspiration hit at 12 midnight. 

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