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We asked Jessica Fisher about her music ministry and the impact that music has made on her life.

inSpire - Jessica, you have a heart for music and actually have your own music ministry. Tell us about your background and how you developed your love for music.

Fisher - Singing is a large part of my life, especially since I grew up in a family that appreciated music. We always had inspirational and Christian music playing in the background, and my sisters and I were always singing. I had the opportunity to participate in school and church choirs. Using my vocal talents as a ministry has been a dream of mine, but it was not until a few years ago that the dream became a reality. When the Lord opens doors, it is amazing how quickly things happen!

inSpire - Do you play any instruments?

Fisher - Actually, I do not play any instruments professionally. I am learning how to play piano and the guitar. In the meantime, the Lord has provided me with talented individuals to complete these aspects of the music ministry. God is good. When He tells us to do something, he provides us with all the tools we need. But yes, I want to be able to play piano and guitar confidently.

inSpire - Do you pursue your music as a full-time ministry, or is it something you do on the side as you have time? I guess part of my question is, does your ministry take you to a lot of places and events to sing?

Fisher - This is a full-time ministry that is in the beginning stages. Concerts are being set up in Southern California and Arizona. It is my prayer that the blessing of the music will reach even more churches. I have sung at churches and also at the Generation of Youth for Christ meeting in Houston, Texas over the new year.

inSpire - If you could pull it off, what big wish or dream would you like to accomplish with this ministry? Do you have a wish list?

Fisher - I would like for the ministry to have a global impact in reaching people for Jesus Christ. More CDs will be coming in the future as my husband and I join our musical talents together in praising the Lord. My desire is to continue serving the Lord through music for the rest of my life.

inSpire - Thanks for sharing your heart with us. Certainly many are being blessed by your singing.

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